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07 Sep 2015 04:31 pm


You may have noticed, if you're still watching this after all this time, that the previously uploaded pages have been replaced with a new cover page. This is because we are going over those pages and making slight and not-so-slight adjustments to pacing that I wasn't completely happy with.

Expect a page dump of some proportion in the near future as we aim to finish up the prologue and start uploading the first chapter and begin the story with the eventual introduction of the characters from our teaser, 'The Demi-Daemon's Tale'.


26 Apr 2012 06:19 pm


Writer here!

We are now posting the prologue chapter of the story proper now \8D/

Regular updates will resume with any luck and next Saturday, page two of the prologue will be up (doing pages in advances helpsasdfyes it does)!

Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and luffed~ ♥

08 Apr 2012 05:40 pm


A new page!

A little late and not cleaned up yet, but a new page nonetheless. Shaded version is in progress though, so check back in the next couple of days!

Thanks for bearing with us since it's been two busy weekends in a row for us~!

As always, your comments are appreciated ♥

31 Mar 2012 02:46 am

Well, shi-

Due to me moving house this weekend, there will be no page until next week, and us still in the teaser stage and everything.

I'll ask Blue to do a nice filler page instead for you that doesn't require any lettering/scripting.

Sorry, guys, but don't forget to check on the blog and follow us for mini-updates!

24 Mar 2012 03:45 pm

New page!

New page is up!


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